Best Rat Control For Your Home And Garden

Rats are some of the most unpleasant guests, which one can see at their house. They can come from anywhere and invade your house in different places like attics, basement, living rooms or gardens. They are disturbing not only from estethic point of view, but can cause much more serious issue like

Spreading dangerous diseases
Inducing damage to your furniture or other property
Damaging your plants and garden property
Their remains and feces can produce unpleasant smell all over the house.
They multiply with an enormous speed, in 6-7 week the number of rats can double
getting rid of rats

Getting rid of rats is a tedious and difficult process. Rats are quite intelligent and sensitive animals, so it will be difficult for you if you do not know the best strategies to fight against them. There are numerous methods which proved succesful when it comes to eliminate this ugly,smelly and dangerous animals from your house or garden. We can group these in different categories:

Methods for rat control.

Chemicals : rat poison.
Sound machines
Rat traps and baits
Green and natural ways of rat removal
Rat exterminators.

Rat Poisons

These are chemicals designed specifically to kill rats and mice, they are used mainly as poisonous baits. After eating these chemicals rodents can pass away in a period from an hour to several weeks. Mice are small and weaker, so they die faster, in a matter of hours. However rats are more durable and can last even for several weeks. The advantages are clear, best rat poison has high rate of success. The disadvantage with this method is that most of these poisons are lethal for domestic animals and pets. So you’d better keep them away from your cats and dogs.

Sound Machines (Aka Repellents)

These are devices that exhibit ultrasound waves, which cannot be heared by human, but affects the rats in a very bad way. Waves torture rat’s nervous system , causing them different damages like : loss of appetite, desorientation, stop to multiply.

This is a relatively safe method.

Indigenous And Natural Methods
There are some old-fashioned ways to get rid of rat and mice in your house and garden. Though it may seem dirty to some people. This is why.The method is connected with wood ash. Wood ash should be finely chopped it, and then fill it with dry floors , with the rate of one bucket per 5-10 m2. Be careful not to spread to places where it can disturb you. The composition of ash contains alkali. Alkali corrodes the paws of rodents. When rats and mice lick it, this cause further irritation of their mouth and inner organs. After a while, mice will be forced to relocate to another place. Ash is absolutely harmless for people.

Rat Traps

Unlike Rat Poison ,these are one of the budget friendly methods. There are mainly two types of rat and mouse traps : electric and also containing springs. The method is pretty simple – you place the edible bait into the trap and wait untill rat or mouse finds it and gets trapped. The method is quite effective if you have a single or very few rats in the house, best rat traps can be a succesful way of solving rat and mice problem.

Rat Exterminators

If none of the methods above have worked for you (which is pretty non probable) , or more probably you do not want to do this dirty job yourself, you can call the professionals , which specialize in the field of rat extermination. They will come and quickly solve the rodent problem for you.

Green, Eco Methods.

There are also environmentally friendly solutions to rat problem. First, there are natural sprays. These sprays do not kill rodents , but are incredibly succesful to keep them away. They are also safe with pets and children.

There are also some “green” repellents which can be made at home. Mixing peppermint oil with cotton can give you a combination of safety and effectiveness.

so, do you want to know, the reason why you carry rats